Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FAACE Member Update: Aug. 6th Meeting and Dogwood Gallery Art Show

Meeting: Change of venue. We will NOT be meeting at Dogwood Gallery. We will be meeting at our usual place, St. Andrews in the Pines, 7 p.m., Tues. Aug. 6th.

Agenda: Since we have so many NEW members we are going to do a mini-art-show so everyone can get to know each other. We MAY have an additional speaker, waiting to hear...

Please bring ONE (1) small piece of your art to "show and tell" on Tuesday. Bring your business cards and/or flyers, etc. Plan to give a 30-second description of your art of choice.

Also, Honey Corbin (our PR person extraordinaire) is going to be taking some photos for a press release. Please wear bright clothing that does NOT blend with your art.

Dogwood Gallery Art Show

We're excited to have the opportunity to showcase some of our member's artwork with Greg Blair and Dogwood Gallery. It's a wonderful Gallery. If you have not been, go visit and share the experience with your friends.

There are TWO (2) different "shows". FAACE members may apply to one OR both. Please read carefully as they each have different criteria.

This is a FAACE MEMBER Show only. You must be a member in good standing to participate in either show.

Charity: Southern Conservation Trust

In-Gallery Juried Show Opening reception Friday, Sept. 13
PLUS, One-day Outdoor Art Festival Saturday, 14th

1. In-Gallery Juried Show
Entry Deadline: August 17th by 5 p.m.
Set Up / Delivery of selected art: Sat., Sept 7th by 4 p.m.
Opening Reception Friday, Sept. 13th (times TBD)
End Date/ Required pick-up of art: Saturday, Sept. 28th
Cost: 50% commission to the Gallery if/when art is sold.

Send FIVE (5) high resolution jpg format pictures of your art to by 5 p.m. August 17th.
All five (5) pictures should be numbered and titled with your name (i.e., susanjones1.jpg, susanjones2.jpg, susanjones3.jpg, etc.).

Inside the body of your email copy the following and complete the required info:
Name: (your name)
Email: (your email)
Phone number: (your phone number)
Website: (your website or n/a if you do not have one)
1. name of photo (YOUR name, not the title of the piece, i.e.,susanjones1.jpg)
Title: (Sunset in Paris, etc.)
Measurements: (12 in. tall or 2 ft x 6 ft., etc.)
2. name of photo (i.e., susanjones2)
Title: (Blue Shoes, etc.)
Measurements: (12 in. tall or 2 ft x 6 ft., etc.)

Description of art: (i.e., acrylic impressionistic paintings on canvas)

Other: (you may include awards, bio info, any other info you deem important for the gallery to know that might help in selling your art. KEEP IT SHORT please!).

2. Outdoor 1-day Show
Saturday, Sept. 14th
Set up & breakdown same day as show, Sept. 14th.
Cost: $25 per tent/space. NO commission required for the one-day show.
  • ALL FAACE members may participate (no jurying of art, if you are a member you are already accepted for the outdoor show).
  • You must have a 10 x 10 white tent.
  • You may buddy-up with ONE (1) other FAACE members if you do not have a tent & they're willing.
  • You MUST inform us of your intent to show and the info below with payment must be received by August 17th so we can plan spaces, advertise participating artists, etc.
  • All members should assist in promoting the event via email, social media and other means.

Send check payable to Dogwood Gallery & Framer, 1175 Senoia Road N. Suite N, Tyrone, GA 30290. Please include the following information:

FAACE Art Show
Member name(s) (up to TWO members may share a tent)
Type art & brief description.
Your contact info to include phone number, address & email.

Click for directions to Dogwood Gallery.

Send questions to

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Next FAACE Meeting Aug. 6th

Our next FAACE meeting will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 6th at Dogwood Gallery & Framer in Tyrone, GA. Greg Blair, owner, will be answering questions regarding the upcoming show at the Gallery, plus he is helping to arrange a very special speaker. We'll let you know who just as soon as we have confirmation.

Dogwood Gallery is located at 
1175 Senoia Road N. Suite N  Tyrone, GA 30290(it's behind the Legacy Theatre)

FAACE Fine Art Show at Dogwood Gallery, Tyrone, GA

Members, here are some dates for your calendar and some very basic information to help you prepare. We'll be filling in the details in the near future by email to those who let us know they'll be participating.

Juried Art Show at Dogwood Gallery, Tyrone
Opening reception inside the Gallery Friday, Sept. 13
Outdoor Show (all members can participate, no jury required) Saturday, Sept. 14th (time TBA)

Art in the gallery to be juried. Members will be asked to send five (5) jpg pictures to Dogwood for consideration.

Tent show on Saturday. Members can set up 10 x 10 white tents. Tent sharing is fine but it's up to those with tents to team up. Set up will be Saturday morning. Non-juried, FAACE members ONLY.

In gallery pieces will be the standard commission to Dogwood. There will be a lesser commission for the Saturday show. We are working on determining which charity will be the beneficiary of the show. As always, the art show host gets to choose the charity of their choice.

All juried in-Gallery art will need to be picked up on Saturday Sept. 28th.

Please remember, we have many details to add! This is just a short bit to give you an idea of what we're working on with Greg at Dogwood.

Workshop: Making "Cents" Out of Your Art

Date: Tues., July 16th
Time: 7 p.m.
Preregistration required
Location: TBA
The Workshop is limited to 5 people with a minimum of 2-3.
Charlie Nelson, publisher of the Guide Magazines and developer of the Peachtree City App has offered to lead a 3-hour workshop about the economics of art as a small business. The workshop is directed to the serious artist who is interested in how to make a living out of their art or how to use a business model to learn more about the small business economics of their art. 
If you would like to take part in the workshop please email We will let you know where the workshop will be held by return email. We know it will be held in Peachtree City, just working on confirming the spot. 

This workshop is for FAACE members only.