Saturday, July 6, 2013

FAACE Fine Art Show at Dogwood Gallery, Tyrone, GA

Members, here are some dates for your calendar and some very basic information to help you prepare. We'll be filling in the details in the near future by email to those who let us know they'll be participating.

Juried Art Show at Dogwood Gallery, Tyrone
Opening reception inside the Gallery Friday, Sept. 13
Outdoor Show (all members can participate, no jury required) Saturday, Sept. 14th (time TBA)

Art in the gallery to be juried. Members will be asked to send five (5) jpg pictures to Dogwood for consideration.

Tent show on Saturday. Members can set up 10 x 10 white tents. Tent sharing is fine but it's up to those with tents to team up. Set up will be Saturday morning. Non-juried, FAACE members ONLY.

In gallery pieces will be the standard commission to Dogwood. There will be a lesser commission for the Saturday show. We are working on determining which charity will be the beneficiary of the show. As always, the art show host gets to choose the charity of their choice.

All juried in-Gallery art will need to be picked up on Saturday Sept. 28th.

Please remember, we have many details to add! This is just a short bit to give you an idea of what we're working on with Greg at Dogwood.

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