Monday, April 1, 2013

Workshop interest? Making "cents" out of your Art!

We wanted to know if our members would be interested in the following workshop. Please comment or let us know at the next meeting if this is something that would interest you.

Making "cents" out of your Art!
A Workshop limited to 5 people -- minimum 2-3.

Charlie Nelson, publisher of the Guide magazines, and developer of the Peachtree City App will lead a 3 hour workshop about the economics of art as a small business.

This workshop is directed to serious artist who are interested in how to make a living out of their art or how to use a business model to learn more about the small business economics of their art. The workshop will begin with a brief discussion of a simple business equation that Charlie has developed to help his artist daughter, Lyla Nelson (, to understand the business aspects of her art and how to set her goals to make her living through her art. The balance of the workshop will be devoted to answering questions about individual situations that could be helpful to the group.

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